A girl’s sweet sixteen is one that they will remember for a lifetime. While the times have changed greatly, a young girl will still expect to receive a plethora of presents on her big day. Oftentimes, parents simply do not know what they can do to make their little girl happy on this day. With a few cute sweet 16 gift ideas, you will be on the right track to making her smile all day long.

Surprise Party

Do not tell her you are planning anything and invite everyone she knows. This can be done at your home or somewhere else, such as a firehouse or a rented hall. Every girl, no matter their likes or dislikes, would love to have a party on this big day. After all, it is tradition!


Has she been dying for a tablet, but you simply haven’t found the right occasion to justify the cost? This is the perfect gift to give to any young girl and they come in a myriad of price ranges. Some tablets, such as the iPad, can cost several hundreds of dollars, but the lower end Kindles can cost much less.

Driving School

This is the time in life right before a young girl will get her driver’s license. If she has been excited for this big occasion, buying her lessons for her sweet 16th will surely hit her sweet spot. Lessons will ensure that she is able to get her permit and start on the road to her license.

Personalized Jewelry

A necklace or ring can be personalized to show her name. This can be in the form of a charm, or it can be an engraving seen on the piece. Any girl will appreciate a piece of personalized jewelry that is given to her.

A Car

Everyone has seen the movies where the girl walks into her driveway to see a beautiful car wrapped in a bow. This may be out of your price range, but some people will be able to afford a new car for their 16 year old. This is the ultimate idea, but the one that is most often too expensive for the average Joe.

Concert Tickets

Being older means that concerts are going to be a huge hit. Tickets to see her favorite band or artist will definitely be a welcomed present. Just remember to purchase some for her friends. These items provide memories and experiences that she will enjoy for the rest of her life.


When you simply have no idea what to buy, clothing, or a clothing gift card, is a safe choice. Fashion is something that every girl in this age group will appreciate and want to be a part of. Scarves are also very popular sweet 16 gifts right now, so if you are brave, picking the right one will definitely make her smile.

A Trip to the City

Every young girl has dreams of going to the big city. The lights, the atmosphere and everything about big cities seem intoxicating to a 16 year old. A weekend trip to the city, with supervision of course, will definitely be something on her bucket list.

Emilie Sinclair

I'm a gift idea enthusiast who loves helping people find the right present for their loved ones.