For a man, a mother in law can be the most difficult person on the planet to shop for. Whether the two are on good terms or only see each other on holidays, it will be of the utmost importance to find something that is perfect for her. While you can ask your spouse, it is often better to figure it out on your own and choose something that she will love. This is far more sentimental and will earn you a few brownie points along the way. The following gift ideas for a mother in law will always be welcomed and seen as thoughtful and sweet.


What is the one thing that every woman loves? The answer is simple – jewelry. You can never go wrong with a beautiful necklace or a pair of earrings that will make her day even more special. This can be something cute, such as a rose pendant, or something expensive like diamond earrings.

Mom/Daughter Day

A day out with her daughter, or son, will be welcomed. As kids grow older, it is not often that they will spend time with their parents. A day together at the spa or simply going around town may be better than any material gift you had planned. While this may be more expensive, it is surely going to make both parties happy. Just remember to not invite yourself along.

Romance Novels

There are always books, or romance novels, on every woman’s wishlist. These items are very inexpensive and buying a few may force them to finally read 50 Shades of Grey or another book that they have been clamoring to read, but haven’t gotten around to.


While expensive, a laptop will provide an older mother in law with a means of staying connected to her loved ones. This is a great way to really get them onto social networking sites and it allows them to occupy their time in a much more productive manner. Ensure that you download Skype and provide them with credits so that they can video chat or call you whenever they want. If she lives far away, this may just be the way to bring her a little closer to home.


Sometimes, a little self-pampering is in order. With a makeover, a professional will update their look so she can look hip at all times. This can be a simple makeup change and haircut, or you can go all out and update their wardrobe as well.

Gift Baskets

When you are at a loss, a gift basket will always be a good choice. While it is a little less personal than the other options, it is one option that comes with numerous possibilities. These baskets can be filled with candies, body lotions, perfumes or coffee and tea.

Hanging Flowers

The other safe option will be hanging flowers. Local florists can guide you to flowers that are in season and will be able to be hung near a window or in the back yard. These flowers are meant to last, so do not expect them to be roses! Begonia hanging baskets are always a good choice as they are beautiful, long-lasting and the colors are vibrant.

Emilie Sinclair

I'm a gift idea enthusiast who loves helping people find the right present for their loved ones.