Birthdays come but once a year, so it’s important to make them count. Take the opportunity to pamper your partner and show them just how special they are. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your partner’s day extra special. Our romantic birthday ideas will help you plan an evening they’ll never forget.

Plan a Picnic

If your loved one’s birthday happens to fall in the spring or summer, a picnic in the park or on the beach can be incredibly romantic. Pack up all of their favorite foods and don’t forget dessert. A bottle of wine, champagne or sparkling cider is the perfect way to celebrate the special occasion. Make sure your timing is right too.

A picnic on the beach at sunset is far more romantic than a picnic in the middle of the day. While it’s important to pack enough food, you also want to set the mood too. Make sure you have room for a blanket and some candles. Instead of eating on paper plates and using plastic spoons, pack some nice plates and utensils. There are picnic baskets designed to safely carry everything you need – including a bottle of wine.

Play Chef for a Day

Spend the day pampering your loved one by cooking them all of their favorite foods. If they love French toast, start their day off right by whipping them up a batch in the morning. Don’t forget to pack them their favorite lunch and if possible, have their favorite dinner ready for them when they get home. A little candlelight and some soft music can turn up the romance and make the evening even more special.

Give Romantic Hourly Gifts

Show your partner just how important their special day is by giving them a gift each hour of the day. These don’t have to be expensive gifts. They can be small, inexpensive (or free!) and thoughtful. One gift can be their favorite candy; another a book they’ve been wanting. Leave the best gift for last to finish the night with a bang.

Plan a Romantic Evening

Make plans for the evening well in advance. Take your partner out to dinner at their favorite restaurant, or be a little more adventurous and go for a midnight hike. Whatever your partner likes to do, do it – even if it isn’t your cup of tea. If it’s your wife or girlfriend’s birthday, buy her a nice dress, make reservations at the best restaurant in town and head out to a show afterwards. Do you best to fill the evening with as much romance and fun as you can.

Take a Trip to Nowhere

For just one day, live in the moment. Get in the car and just drive. Don’t stop until you’ve reached a town you’ve never to been before. Try a new restaurant, check out the local sites, or just enjoy the view. Exploring new things together is incredibly romantic in its own way. It’s an experience that only the two of you share. Some of life’s greatest moments happen when we don’t make any plans and just run with the wind.

Create Something Together

Creation takes teamwork and requires you to focus your attention solely on your partner. No matter whether you’re making a pizza in the kitchen or building a poker table, there’s bound to be plenty of laughs – and plenty of romantic moments too. It also gives the two of you a chance to get close. Find something fun that both of you want to make.

Emilie Sinclair

I'm a gift idea enthusiast who loves helping people find the right present for their loved ones.