Is your boyfriend a bit on the geeky side? While gifts for boyfriends are never in short supply, it’s not always easy to find something for the eccentric geek. Most already have an arsenal of gadgets and many traditional gifts are off the table. Using a little creativity, we’ve compiled a list of 6 awesome gift ideas that your geeky man will adore.

Batman Ice Cube Tray

Who says ice cubes have to be square? With the Batman Ice Cube Tray, your man can enjoy an ice cold drink, Gotham City style. These bendable trays are made from silicone and make up to 12 Batman ice cubes at a time.

Samurai Umbrella

For the aspiring ninja, the Samurai Umbrella is the perfect gift choice. While you won’t find a real Samurai sword hidden inside, this umbrella is truly unique. He can carry it on his back just like a true Samurai warrior, while still keeping himself warm and dry.

Big Bang Theory Clue

If your boyfriend is a fan of the Big Bang Theory (who isn’t?), he’ll love playing Big Bang Theory Clue. Sheldon’s been betrayed and it’s up to you to figure out who messed up Sheldon’s things, where they hide it and what they did to it. The first player to figure it “who done it” wins. Take on the role of Penny, Raj, Amy, Howard, Bernadette or Leonard in this fun take on the classic Clue game.

USB Beverage Cooler & Warmer

Nothing is more disappointing than drinking a warm can of soda. With a USB beverage cooler and warmer, your boyfriend can enjoy an ice cold – or hot – drink anytime he wants without having to leave his desk. This gadget can chill a can to 46 degrees or heat a drink up to 149 degrees. An LED indicator lets him know when his drink is warm or cool. This is the ideal choice for the geeky boyfriend that spends most of his day at his desk.

“Sure I’ll Try It” Gift Basket

Forget the usual gift baskets filled with wine and cheese. The “Sure I’ll Try It” basket is filled with quirky foods that will tickle your boyfriend’s taste buds like never before. Try the pickle or onion flavored mints. Why not brush your teeth with bacon-flavored toothpaste? Top a cupcake with bacon flavored frosting or enjoy some gravy candy.

Gunnar Advanced Computer Eyewear

If your boyfriend spends most of his day in front of a computer screen, giving him a pair of glasses from Gunnar Eyewear is a thoughtful gift choice. Computer monitors, TVs, tablets and mobile devices cause immense eye strain. These glasses are designed to reduce the strain by increasing focus and contrast. They also happen to be incredibly comfortable. Unfortunately, you can’t buy contacts that use the same technology, so make sure your boyfriend is comfortable wearing glasses all of the time. If he’s a contacts kind of man, this may not be a great gift choice – even if it is an awesome one.

Emilie Sinclair

I'm a gift idea enthusiast who loves helping people find the right present for their loved ones.