The animal lover in your life, be it a friend or significant other, will surely have a wish list of things “wild” things that they would like. Nevertheless, it can be truly difficult to discern which item is the best choice. If you know what type of animal they have, this will make the process infinitely easier. On the other hand, there are many unisex gift ideas that can get the ball rolling.

A Trip to the Zoo

The obvious choice is a trip to the zoo. This will allow a person to view a variety of exotic animals that they would otherwise never get to see. If there is a safari with a drive-thru, this will further amplify this idea. Not only will a person be close to wildlife, they will often be able feed the critters right out of their hand. Be careful though, there are some animals that this is not recommended with – ostriches and zebras to name a few.

Wall Art

There are many different types of wall art that can be hung in any home. These masterpieces are always best when they are filled with catchy sayings and feature a dog and cat. However, you are not limited to just one animal. There are always numerous animals to choose from.

A cute cookie jar can be purchased for cheap and will always have a place in a home. These ceramic masterpieces are able to be purchased in many forms with ducks and bears being the most popular options.

Aqua Farm

An aqua farm allows a fish to swim around in a tank that is more functional than the tiresome fish tanks you are used to. With an aqua farm, the fish will supply the nutrients to the plants above so that they will grow. This goes beyond the normal house décor and will include a beautiful place to have a pet fish.

Cat Mugs

There are a wide variety of mugs that can be purchased in sets or alone. Some of these mugs merely have animal prints or pictures on them, while others will come in the shape of a cat. There are other animal choices available as well, but the cat is always a fan favorite.

Zen Cats

Does your gift receiver have a yard or garden that they tend to? If they do, you may find that Zen cats are the ideal choice. These cats look similar to Buddha and are seen in a Zen-like state. They will sit there, watching over a person’s yard and provide peace and tranquility to their surroundings.

Animal Calendar

Every person has to know what the date is, right? One of the ultimate unisex gift ideas is that of an animal calendar. These calendars will features numerous animal species and can be hung on anyone’s wall. When in doubt, a calendar is one of the best ideas to pick since they will always be needed, they are inexpensive and the receiver will get use out of them. These can be wall calendars or simple desk calendars.

Emilie Sinclair

I'm a gift idea enthusiast who loves helping people find the right present for their loved ones.