A child’s baptism is a special time in both the child’s and the parents’ life. This symbolic ceremony welcomes the child into the community and cleanses the soul. To celebrate such a special occasion, presents are given the child to help them begin their life in the Christian community. If you have never given this type of gift before, you may be unsure of where to start or which items are appropriate to give. Below are some baptism gifts to help you get started.

Porcelain Cross

A porcelain cross is a classic choice for a child that has just been baptized. Many of these crosses will also feature a praying boy or girl and are designed to be hung on the wall. Giving a cross, in general, is a great choice for a baptism present. It does not necessarily need to be made from porcelain, although many are. The cross can also be crafted out of wood or even stainless steel.

Baby’s First Bible

Although the child may not be able to read the bible themselves, their parents will be more than happy to read to them. These bibles are designed just for kids and stories are told in a way that children can easily understand. There are quite a few different options with this choice. Some bibles will come with plush covers that are baby-friendly, while others are designed with handles so that growing children can easily carry them around. Feel free to use your own judgment, but hardcover books, such as those with handles, will be far more durable and also come at an equal price.

Rosary Bracelet

A rosary bracelet is a beautiful and thoughtful gift idea and the child can begin using the bracelet as soon as they start learning their prayers. Many bracelets also come with a keepsake boxes for easy storage. Beads may come in blue or pink to match the gender of the child.

Noah’s Ark Bank

Piggy banks are often given to children during their first year to help them learn the value of saving money early in life. For a child that has just been baptized, a bank in the shape of Noah’s Ark is a beautiful choice that not only teaches the child the importance of saving, but the importance of Noah’s story as well. These banks are typically made from stainless steel, although you may find some handcrafted banks made from wood. This is a gender-neutral option that is sure to be appreciated.

Keepsake Music Box

Children love music boxes and for infants, the soothing sound of the music is an excellent way to lull them to sleep. Christian-themed music boxes are available that play “Jesus Loves Me” or another beautiful hymn. The classic music box is wooden, although there are stainless steel and porcelain options as well. Most boxes will feature a prayer on the cover of the box. Others also feature religious figures and guardian angels. This gift can be as simple or as ornate as your budget allows.

Emilie Sinclair

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