While typically occurring at the age of 13, a bar mitzvah symbolizes that a young man can now make his own decisions. In fact, this is seen as a rite of passage wherein a boy has the same legal rights as a man. This is a huge moment in a person’s life and will revolve around a massive ceremony where the entire family, friends and community of a person will gather around. This is a time when bar mitzvah gifts will always be required.

Bar Mitzvah Picture Frame Torah Portrait

Remembering the ceremony is something that every person will want to do. With the help of a picture frame, this can be done with ease. The Bar Mitzvah Picture Frame Torah Portrait has two scrolls at the bottom that depict the Torah as well as the words Bar Mitzvah written right above where the picture is located. This will allow the receiver to place their picture in a religious-based picture frame to always remember this turning point in their life.

Yiddish Proverbs Mug

Yiddish proverbs are always a great way to start the day. Whether the receiver drinks coffee, tea or water, they will more than welcome a Yiddish Proverbs mug. These mugs are inexpensive and come with all of the most famous proverbs. There are numerous styles of mugs available with each being the perfect fit for any person on their big day. There are also mugs that have the Yiddish and English versions of the proverbs so that he will be able to easily read what is written.

Sterling Silver Jewish Star of David Necklace Pendant with Box Chain

Sterling silver jewelry is also an idea that always seems to hit the spot. There are a wide variety of different options, but a chain with the Star of David seems to be the best bet. These chains can be as fancy or as simple as a person can afford. There are some chains that have the star with blue opals that are very beautiful.

There are also beautiful silver stars that have ornate designs that truly standout. The option is truly up to you and your budget. It is important to remember that this is still a young man that may not be responsible enough to care for more expensive items. In either case, it is never a bad choice for a bar mitzvah.

Money is Acceptable

When in doubt, money will also be a well-received gift. This is commonplace, but there are also other options available. If you would rather not provide money, you can go with the following choices:

  • Stocks that will accrue interest
  • Gift cards to a person’s favorite store

The sentiment is what really matters at this time and will prove to be the best choice for bar mitzvah gifts. There may also be the chance that the person having the bar mitzvah is older and has just recently converted. In this case, they may require a gift that is more suited to their age level.

Emilie Sinclair

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