College graduation signifies the start of a new life. Those just getting ready to head out into the “real world” may be excited and overwhelmed at the same time. With the right gift, you can help the college graduate navigate their way through this new and challenging time with ease and grace.

Leather Organizer

No matter what line of work the graduate is planning on entering, a leather organizer can help them stay on the right track. From meetings to bill due dates, meal planning and doctor’s appointments, an organizer is a thoughtful present that the graduate will use time and time again. Leather-bound planners are more durable best suited for the business professional.

Framed Diploma

Earning a degree is something to be celebrated. Such an achievement should be shown off in a beautiful and meaningful way. A framed diploma can be hung on the graduate’s wall of their home office or work office to remind them just how far they’ve come. If you are unable to frame the recipient’s actual diploma, you can gift them the frame and they can take care of the rest. Just make sure that you choose a frame that is specially designed for diplomas to ensure it fits perfectly.

Success Book or Life Guide

Let’s face it – life doesn’t come with a guide book. However, there are authors who have published life guides and success books to help others lead the life they want and avoid making common life mistakes. A “20-something’s guide” or a career success book may make for the perfect college graduation gifts for a new graduate who is anxious about living life on their own.

Coffee Maker

Most people need a good java kick in the morning to jumpstart their day. No matter whether the graduate is going into the corporate world, starting their own business or working in the tech field, coffee will likely be their “fuel of choice” to keep them going each day. A good quality coffee maker will ensure that they start their morning off right.


A leather briefcase makes for a sophisticated graduation gift. Modern designs ditch the hard, rectangular briefcase most of us are familiar with and offer more storage space. In fact, most briefcases today resemble messenger bags. Not only are they easier to travel with, but they also offer better organization than their traditional counterparts. Opt for a leather bag for increased durability and fashion-forward design.

Tablet Computer

Tablet computers are an excellent choice for the graduate who is always on the go. In fact, the right tablet can provide the recipient with the storage space and speed they need to take care of both their professional and personal tasks with one simple device.

If you can stretch your budget, a tablet computer is a gift that any recipient, regardless of their taste, will appreciate and enjoy. Go the extra mile and also purchase a sleeve or case to protect their tablet and make it easy for them to bring their device wherever they go.

Emilie Sinclair

I'm a gift idea enthusiast who loves helping people find the right present for their loved ones.