Going away gifts can be rather difficult to pick. While some people will want a cute gift for their new apartment on the other side of the country, others will not really know what they need. While it can be difficult to discern at first, there are quite a few gifts that work perfectly for every occasion. Whether a parent is moving away for retirement or a best friend is going away to college, there will be something for everyone.

Gift Cards

While gift cards are less personal, they will be the perfect option for those times when you really do not know what the person will truly need. Gift cards can be bought for virtually any need ranging from department stores that sell new home essentials to clothing stores. The following gift card categories are always welcomed:

  • Food: Restaurants, food stores or a simple gift card to Starbucks will work perfectly.
  • General: A Visa gift card will allow a person to use your going away present for their needs. Whether this be for food, appliances or gas, a general gift card is always a great choice.
  • Store: Specific stores also offer gift cards. These can be used for electronics, clothing, pet supplies or even office supplies for a new job.

Skype Credits

Skype is a great way to connect with friends and family no matter where they are located. With the use of credits, a person will be able to call mobile and landlines worldwide. There are also options to send SMS messages or even forward calls to a landline or mobile device. Wi-Fi hotspots at over a million locations are also available thanks to Skype credits. This is a surefire way to speak with your friend that has just made a major life change.

A City Guide

Going to a new country or town will require a person to know their way around. This can be a difficult chore for even the most diligent person. However, a city guide may be the perfect choice for a thoughtful gift. While GPS is often used to get around town, a city guide will name all of the local hotspots, allow a person to find great places to spend a night out on the town or simply acquaint themselves with local parks for kids to play in.

Care Package

A custom care package may be the ideal choice. These care packages are packed with all of the essentials to make a person’s trip a little less daunting. Depending on why going away gifts are being given, there are a plethora of different items that can be put into a care package.

  • College or University: Soaps, hygiene products, pens, pencils, notebooks and snacks are great for a person going away for school.
  • Home: Utensils, wine, spices, kitchen supplies and gift cards can fill a care package for a person moving a few towns over or out of the country.
  • Travel: Hygiene products, prepaid cell phones, maps and snacks are great choices for a person going on vacation or traveling the world.

Mixing and matching package ideas is able to be done to create the perfect care package for any person going away. With a little thoughtfulness, it will be possible to give the perfect going away gift and not spend a fortune in the process.

Emilie Sinclair

I'm a gift idea enthusiast who loves helping people find the right present for their loved ones.