Wishlists are becoming too commonplace and are starting to diminish the true meaning of tradition. While many people will display these lists on their favorite online retailer site, this is definitely not the only choice available. Did you know that there is a long standing tradition when it comes to housewarming gifts? These are items that are very inexpensive and have very sentimental root meanings that go back centuries. Many of these items come from European traditions, but they are still widely accepted all over the world.


Honey, ideally in a big jar versus its plastic counterpart, is an item that has been given to people for centuries. What does this gift relate to? Sweetness! The meaning behind honey is to always enjoy a little sweetness in life. It is said that this will help a person cherish life a little more and enjoy their days with their loved ones. This can also be seen as a way to bring good cheer into a home and has a plethora of alternate meanings from different cultural backgrounds.


A candle signifies light. When this is given to a person, this will mean that they will never be without light. This can be even deeper when this is given to a couple. Light does not mean the light that is needed to illuminate a room, it can also mean light in the sense of prosperity and happiness.

Coin or Money

Coin, or money, is given to provide a home with good fortune. This can be something as simple as a way to say, “good luck,” or it can literally be seen as a way to bring prosperity. There are many ways to present this, but an older coin, versus paper currency, is definitely the right one. The latter will oftentimes be used for buying an item and will not remain within the home. Ideally, have the coin placed into a glass container so that it is always displayed in the home.

House Plants

Plants are the basis of all living things. They are one of the fundamental elements of the planet that allow humanity to exist. When a plant is given, this is to signify life. You can be extremely creative with the plant that you choose as there is no indication as to which would be best suited for a housewarming. Beautiful plants that bloom seasonal flowers are often the most aesthetically pleasing option.


Wine is not only a way to spend your night at home in front of a cozy fire, but it also signifies thirst. Wine is given to ensure that the person will never go thirsty, or that they will find happiness inside of their home. This is an idea that can be added right into a gift basket or given with chocolates or candies. Red wine is the best choice, with sweet wines being ideal for after dinner.

Remember, traditional housewarming gifts may change from one ethnicity or religion to another. Always ensure that you choose the appropriate idea for the receiver and their respective background(s).

Emilie Sinclair

I'm a gift idea enthusiast who loves helping people find the right present for their loved ones.