A baby shower is a special occasion that celebrates a family’s new addition. In most cases, a shower is held in the mother’s honor and planned out by friends or loved ones. As with any other special occasion, thank you gifts need to be a part of the planning process. This is a simple way to show your guests that you are grateful for their attendance. Here are five baby shower thank you gifts that add a little touch of personalization your guests will appreciate.

Mini Jars of Jam

How about some jam for that bun in the oven? Mini jars of jam are an adorable way to say “thanks” and are a practical gift that your guests will love. Once the jam has been enjoyed, the recipient can continue using the jar for whatever purpose they see fit.

Personalized Tea Bags

You would be hard pressed to find someone that didn’t enjoy a cup of piping hot tea. Personalized tea bags are a gift that your guests will appreciate and enjoy after the day is through. In this case, the personalization typically comes in the form of the tea bag’s packaging. This can include a personal little thank you message as well as the baby’s name and a cute kid-friendly design.

Baby Themed Soaps and Candles

Soaps and candles are also practical thank you gifts that your guests will appreciate and enjoy long after your baby shower. Candles can be personalized to include a thank you message as well as the baby’s name and shower date. This will typically be include in the label on the candle holder. You can take the candle idea one step further by choosing an appropriate scent, such as baby powder or “cotton fresh.”

Soaps are also a great choice and can be purchased in fun shapes or sizes. Egg soaps given in little nests are appropriate, practical and adorable. Rubber ducky shaped soaps are also a fun choice. Alternatively, you can choose shapes and colors that complement your shower’s theme. Animal shapes, for example, are a popular choice.

Potted Plants

Potted plants are not only a beautiful way to say thank you, but they also symbolize the birth of your child. You can choose to provide the pot, soil and seeds, or you can plant the seed yourself and wait until it sprouts to give them as gifts. The plant’s pot can be personalized to include a special “thank you” as well as the shower date and baby’s name. A potted plant is something your guests can enjoy for many years to come. Choose a flower or herb that grows well in pots and indoors for best results.

Photo Frames

Picture frames are always a great choice for a thank you gift simply because this is a gift that everyone will actually use. In this case, it may not be the best choice to personalize the frame, unless you plan on including the recipient’s name. A simple frame works best in most cases. While you may not be able to include a photo of your baby, you can plan to do a pregnancy photo shoot before the shower just for this purpose.

Emilie Sinclair

I'm a gift idea enthusiast who loves helping people find the right present for their loved ones.