Groomsmen are the favored guests of a wedding. When a husband-to-be is assembling his groomsmen, these are the people that he respects most in his life. In fact, these are the guests that are family members or best friends. While it is easy to overlook the importance of groomsmen, there are a plethora of unique groomsmen gift ideas that will ensure that every member knows just how important they truly are to the groom.

Engraved Brushed Flask and Zippo Lighter Gift Set

For the mature members of the group, an engraved flask and zippo lighter will be the perfect choice. These items scream personalization and are seen as a manly man’s gift. The ability to add your own wedding date to the flask or a person’s name will further enhance the gift. While this may not be suitable for younger groomsmen, it is perfect for those that want to remember your special night forever.

Cufflinks are able to be worn during the wedding and will show every attendee just how special a groomsman is. These are inexpensive and will allow all members to wear exactly the same cufflinks so that they match perfectly with each other. While this may not be a personal item, it is one that can accent the groomsman’s ensemble perfectly.

Personalized 25 oz. Sports Beer Mug

Sports and beer go hand-in-hand. With a personalized sports beer mug, it is possible to relive the big day for years to come. Not only can the wedding date be engraved, but so can a person’s name or favorite saying. These are giant mugs that will be used for every favorite sporting event. For the relatively cheap cost, this is the perfect gift for the budget-conscious groom.

Personalized Engraved Silver Plated Money Clip

Money clips are coming back in style and a personalized money clip is the epicenter of the trend. Engraving the person’s initials is commonplace and will go over well with all groomsmen. This is the one gift that will work well for all groomsmen as everyone will need to have a way to hold their money. When wearing a suit, it is best to use a money clip to hold not only cash, but credit cards as well – minus the bulge of a wallet.

Cologne Sets

The one item that should fit into every list of unique groomsmen gift ideas is cologne sets. These are sets that include cologne, body wash, creams and even aftershave that will ensure every groomsmen smells their best on your wedding day. With styles and colognes changing all the time, there is no one set that will be the perfect choice. Ideally, a person will find the top cologne of the year and buy it for his groomsmen. Cologne sets are also much cheaper when purchased together as purchasing each item individually can often cost double the price.

Groomsmen are often ready to participate in a wedding regardless of a gift being given. However, it has become a tradition to show appreciation to the people chosen to be groomsmen. While any of the above gifts will work well, it is up to the groom to make the right choice for their members. Remember, it is far more important to be personal than it is to buy the most expensive gift possible.

Emilie Sinclair

I'm a gift idea enthusiast who loves helping people find the right present for their loved ones.